Swedish House of Finance conference on “Consumer Behavior In Financial Markets” – Updated Invitation

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CfP Deadline Date:
April 30, 2020

Conference Event:
August 24-25, 2020

Event Location:
Stockholm, Sweden or Online (Webcasted Presentations)

Keynote speaker(s):
Annamaria Lusardi (George Washington University), Olivia Mitchell (University of Pennsylvania), Terrance Odean (University of California at Berkeley) and Luis Viceira (Harvard University)


Swedish House of Finance (SHoF)

The Swedish House of Finance (SHoF) is pleased to invite interested academics and practitioners to a conference on “Consumer Behavior in Financial Markets” on August 24-25, 2020. Due to current travel restrictions, the organizers are planning for webcasted presentations to substitute for a physical meeting. The final decision will be communicated before June 1st.

As retail financial markets grow increasingly opaque and the responsibility for financial planning shifts more towards individuals, greater and greater amounts of financial sophistication are required just to make ordinary household financial decisions. At the same time, a large body of work in behavioral economics and psychology demonstrates that people hold biased self-perceptions. These biases are likely to be especially important in the domain of household finance, where simple heuristics are used in complex decision environments, and where meaningful feedback about the efficacy of these heuristics is noisy and infrequent. In such environments, individuals can persistently hold (and act on) mistaken beliefs about their own financial acumen.

This online conference brings together some of the leaders of the field of household and behavioral finance and decision-making for a two-day conference. The first conference day will feature keynote presentations and panels with leading scholars and practitioners.

TOPICS: For the second day of the conference, which has a standard academic format, we invite authors to submit high-quality research at the intersection of household and behavioral finance, individual decision-making and choice architecture including (but not limited to) such topics as:
– Do educational programs help consumers to make better financial decisions?
– Does the retail banking sector evolve promoting household welfare? Does it nurture or correct household biases?
– Which regulations are needed to improve household financial choices?
– Is there scope for new financial products that better solve savings and borrowing decisions?
– Which groups of consumers are particularly vulnerable for making poor choices?
– What is and could be the role of big data in shaping the retail banking sector? How does this relate to the fintech revolution?
– How can sustainability be integrated into financial decisions, and what does it mean for consumers?
Both empirical and theoretical papers are welcome. SHoF will provide accommodation as well as reimbursement for reasonable travel expenses for presenters and discussants.

Further Information:

Interested authors should e-mail their paper in Acrobat PDF format to Elisabeth Kempe (elisabeth.kempe@hhs.se) no later than April 30th, 2020. The organizers will take the final decision whether to webcast or arrange a physical meeting before June 1st.
For further information see http://www.houseoffinance.se