April 12, 2021

Financial Markets Directives Database

In Europe, financial markets have undergone significant regulatory changes since the last financial and sovereign debt crisis. One key element is the harmonization of rules for capital regulation, bank resolution and deposit insurance. In the euro area, the sizable change in the regulatory framework is also reflected by the establishment of the banking union. Another change that might have implications for financial structure is the establishment of a capital market union. Evidence-based policy making and the evaluation of (un-)intended consequences of such reforms needs information on when regulatory changes happen. In the European Union (EU), the cornerstones of regulatory changes that apply to all member states are implemented by means of regulations or directives. The latter ones have to be implemented, with some scope for discretion, into national law by the member states. This database assembles the dates at which countries have published the key legal document related to several recent directives affecting financial markets.

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Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (Directive 2014/59/EU)

Provides information on country-specific publication dates of the key legal document implementing the bank recovery and resolution directive. Data is gathered from EURLex and national official websites.
Data Provider: bankinglibrary.com; Halle Institute for Economic Research
Level/Frequency: Country-Level Data
Geographic Coverage: EU-27
Time Range: 2014-2016
Availability: Free access online

Downloads: TechnicalNote Excel Stata

Please cite: Koetter, Krause, Sfrappini, Tonzer (2021). Staggered completion of the European Banking Union: Transposition dates of the BRRD. IWH Technical Reports 01/2021.