July 2024: The EU market on structured deposits is limited in size, concentrated in only a few Member States, and offers products with varying net returns

European Banking Authority Press Release The European Banking Authority (EBA) published a Report on structured deposits in the European Union (EU), under the Markets for Financial Instruments Regulation (MiFIR) to monitor this particular market segment. The Report finds that in more than half of the 27 national markets in the EU, structured deposits do not[…]

July 2024: How banking union and capital markets union can help Europe finance the climate change challenge

ESM Blog Entryby Wim Van Aken & Carlos Eduardo Martins Climate change and actions taken to mitigate its negative effects should be of great concern for European citizens, economies, and, ultimately, for financial stability. Experts agree that billions of euros are needed every year to reduce emissions and curb climate change risks. With the ESM[…]

July 2024: Fiscal consequences of central bank losses

VoxEU Columnby Stephen Cecchetti & Jens Hilscher Central banks engaged in large-scale asset purchase programmes during and after the global financial crisis as well as during the COVID-18 pandemic, significantly increasing the size of their balance sheets. This column develops a framework for understanding the medium- and long-run implications of the losses arising from these[…]

June 2024: European Central Bank’s biennial report on financial integration and structure in the euro area (FISEA)

Third edition of the FISEA This is the third edition of the European Central Bank’s biennial report on financial integration and structure in the euro area (FISEA). As explained in greater detail when the first edition was released in March 2020, it is designed to focus on structural developments in the financial system of the[…]

June 2024: How banks deal with declining excess liquidity

The ECB Blog Entry by Tom Hudepohl, Pamina Karl, Tobias Linzert, Benoit Nguyen, Marta Skrzypińska & Lia Vaz Cruz With the reduction of the Eurosystem’s balance sheet, central bank liquidity is declining. As liquidity is unevenly distributed among banks, an effective redistribution and use of market funding are essential. This worked well so far, with[…]

June 2024: Unveiling capital flow dynamics: Beyond the traditional business cycle

“All about finance” Blog Entry by Eduardo Mendoza, Martin Tobal & Lorenzo Menna Economists traditionally distinguish between short-term cyclical and long-term structural fluctuations in economic variables. However, recent research highlights the importance of medium-term fluctuations, particularly in capital flows for Emerging Market and Developing Economies (EMDEs), which can significantly predict financial crises. Link: “All about[…]