September 2019: IMF Working Paper – A Monitoring Framework for Global Financial Stability

This paper describes the conceptual framework that guides assessments of financial stability risks for multilateral surveillance, as currently presented in the Global Financial Stability Report (GFSR). The framework emphasizes consistency in measuring financial vulnerabilities across countries and over time and offers a summary statistic to quantify aggregate financial stability risks. The two parts of the[…]

September 2019: New VoxEU Column – The effectiveness of cross-border cooperation in banking supervision

Following the Global Crisis, countries have significantly increased their efforts to cooperate on bank supervision, the prime example being the euro area’s Single Supervisory Mechanism. However, little is known about whether such cooperation helps improve the stability of the financial system. Using panel data for a large sample of cross-border banks, this column examines whether[…]

The IFABS Conference “Sustainable banking and finance: A new global paradigm”

CfP Deadline Date: September 15, 2019 Conference Event: December 5-7, 2019 Event Location: Medellin, Colombia Organizer(s): Universidad EAFIT, the Central Bank of Colombia (“Banco de la Republica”), the Federal Reserve Board, University of Nottingham. The IFABS Conferences aim to provide a forum for discussion and critical analysis of major financial and banking challenges and networking[…]