Stigler Center-CEPR Conference Series on the Political Economy of Finance: Corporate Democracy (Fourth Edition)

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CfP Deadline:

June 30, 2024

Conference Event:

November 8-9, 2024

Event Location:

Chicago, United States


Stigler Center

Keynote Speaker(s):

Oliver Hart (Harvard University)


PolEconFin jointly organizes with the Stiger Center at the University of Chicago and the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) a conference series on the Political Economy of Finance. The objective is to promote research on this highly topical area, usually treated separately in economics and finance, and build a community of researchers active in political economy of finance.

This is the fourth edition of an annual conference series on the Political Economy of Finance. The event, jointly hosted by the Stigler Center and the CEPR, aims to bring together researchers active at the intersections between Economics, Finance, Political Science, and Law.

The conference keynote will be delivered by Nobel Laureate Oliver Hart (Harvard University).

One of the goals of the 1934 Security and Exchange Act was to promote shareholder democracy through the proxy ballot. Ninety years later, this goal is far from being achieved. The rise of index funds has concentrated an enormous amount of voting power in just a few hands. Is corporate democracy desirable? What are its costs and benefits? Is it feasible in the face of the enormous concentration of voting power and the rational apathy of voters? What can we learn from political democracy? Is corporate democracy a form of plutocracy? The conference invites papers on all these themes.


Papers are now being accepted on topics related to corporate democracy.
To submit a paper for consideration, you must first create an account with the Ex Ordo submission site:
Deadline: Papers must be submitted through our Ex Ordo portal by June 30 (11:59pm CT Chicago time).
Authors will be notified in August.


Stigler Center-CEPR Conference Series: Corporate Democracy (Fourth Edition)