Norges Bank Workshop on Frontier Research in Banking

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CfP Deadline Date:
March 1, 2020

Conference Event:
June 24-25, 2020

Event Location:
Oslo, Norway

Norges Bank

The evolution of financial intermediation in a changing world brings new challenges to policy makers. The linkages between the banking sector and macroeconomy today are non-negligible, while the rise of non-bank institutions is changing the business model of banks as financial intermediaries. Cross-border banking and financial flows tend to synchronize business cycles across the globe, increasing banks’ exposure to shocks from elsewhere in the world. Changes in climate and demographic structure are also forcing us to consider their impact on banking.

TOPICS: This two-day workshop aims to bring together academics and policy makers working on issues currently of importance related to financial intermediation. The workshop will focus on high-quality research with empirical or theoretical contributions in the field of banking and financial policies, with particular but not exclusive interests in the following areas:
– Evolution of financial intermediation under current monetary / regulatory policies
– Interactions between monetary policy, macro- and micro-prudential regulations
– Micro-evidence on the effectiveness of banking regulation
– Banking under low / negative interest rates
– FinTech, digital currencies, and cryptocurrencies
– Globalization and disintermediation in banking
– The impact of climate change on banking

Further Information:

Complete manuscripts (in PDF format) should be submitted via Conference Maker by Sunday, 1 March, 2020. Authors will be notified of decisions on or around 16 March, 2020. Travel expenses are covered for presenters and discussants from academia.
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