Community Banking in the 21st Century Eighth Annual Community Banking Research and Policy Conference

CfP Deadline Date: June 5, 2020 Conference Event: September 30 – October 1, 2020 Event Location: St. Louis, MO, USA Organizer(s): The Federal Reserve System, the Conference of State Bank Supervisors, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) The purpose of the conference is to bring together academics, community bankers, regulators and policymakers to focus[…]

Norges Bank Workshop on Frontier Research in Banking

CfP Deadline Date: March 1, 2020 Conference Event: June 24-25, 2020 Event Location: Oslo, Norway Organizer(s): Norges Bank The evolution of financial intermediation in a changing world brings new challenges to policy makers. The linkages between the banking sector and macroeconomy today are non-negligible, while the rise of non-bank institutions is changing the business model[…]

BIS Working Papers: Bad bank resolutions and bank lending

Author(s): Michael Brei, Leonardo Gambacorta, Marcella Lucchetta and Bruno Maria Parigi Date: January 2020 Abstract: The paper investigates whether impaired asset segregation tools, otherwise known as bad banks, and recapitalisation lead to a recovery in the originating banks’ lending and a reduction in non-performing loans (NPLs). Results are based on a novel data set covering 135[…]

February 2020: Bank for International Settlements Statistical Release: BIS international banking statistics at end-September 2019

Global cross-border bank claims continued to expand rapidly, growing at 9% year on year. As in previous quarters, the expansion was mainly due to claims on the non-bank sector, which grew at 12% year on year. The growth in claims on non-bank financial institutions was particularly strong (+17%). European banks’ cross-border lending, which went through a[…]

February 2020: EBA consults on the future of the EU-wide stress test framework

The European Banking Authority (EBA) launched today a public consultation on possible future changes to the EU-wide stress test. This discussion paper aims to present the EBA’s vision of the future of the EU-wide stress test and to collect comments and feedback from the different users. The proposal envisages two components owned by supervisors and[…]

CEPR Working Paper: Globalization Cycles

Author(s): Maurice Obstfeld Date: February 2020 Abstract: Mark Twain is reputed to have remarked that history does not repeat itself, but it often rhymes. While the Global Financial Crisis of 2008-2009 was not a catastrophe on the order of World War I, there is a broad similarity in the sequelae to both of these events[…]

CEPR Working Paper: Measuring Regulatory Complexity

Author(s): Jean-Edouard Colliard and Co-Pierre Georg Date: February 2020 Abstract: Despite a heated debate on the perceived increasing complexity of financial regulation, there is no available measure of regulatory complexity other than the mere length of regulatory documents. To fill this gap, we propose to apply simple measures from the computer science literature by treating regulation[…]

February 2020: New VoxEU Column – Capital flows at risk: Taming the ebbs and flows

Capital flows to emerging markets have continued to be highly volatile since the Global Crisis. This column uses a new framework to show that country characteristics and policy responses matter for risks to future capital flows. It finds that good institutions support stable capital flows over the medium horizon, and while foreign exchange interventions seem[…]

CEPR Working Paper: Too many Voters to Fail: Influencing and Political Bargaining for Bailouts

Author(s): Linda Marlene Schilling Date: December 2019 Abstract: The paper provides a novel theory of how banks not only exploit but also cause being perceived as ‘too big to fail’. Bank creditors are also voters. Economic voting prompts politicians to grant bailouts given a bank failure. The bank’s capital structure acts as a tool to[…]