Journal of Accounting Research 2021 Conference

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CfP Deadline Date:
December 1, 2020

Conference Event:
May 7-8, 2021

Event Location:
Chicago, IL, USA

Journal of Accounting Research

The 2021 Journal of Accounting Research conference will be held at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business on May 7-8, 2021.  Funding for the conference is generously provided by the KPMG Foundation, in conjunction with the Accounting Research Center at Chicago Booth.

To encourage a broad set of submissions, the 2021 conference is open to submissions of theoretical, empirical, and experimental studies that advance our understanding of any area or topic of accounting research. 

In addition, we are particularly interested in accounting studies related to recent advances in technology, including: 

  • Artificial intelligence and big data
  • Blockchain technology and applications in accounting
  • Machine learning by companies or its use in accounting research
  • Digital transformation and the adoption of digital technologies by companies
  • Applications to auditing in accounting research
  • Facial recognition, social media, satellite video, and investment processes
  • Rise of fintechs

As is traditionally the case with the Journal of Accounting Research conference, papers selected for inclusion in the conference are published in the annual conference issue in the spring of the year following the conference (the inclusion of conference papers in the conference issue is, as always, subject to satisfactory resolution of the editorial review process).

Further Information:

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Papers should be submitted here. The submission fee is $500.00. The deadline for submission is December 1, 2020.

Link CfP: Journal of Accounting Research 2021 Conference