FSB Report: FSB Correspondent Banking Data Report − Update.

Authors: Financial Stability Board (FSB)
Date: March 2018

This mid-year update provides an overview of evolutions affecting correspondent banking, however with fewer details than the publications of July 2017, which presented full year data. The FSB has agreed with SWIFT to an arrangement under which SWIFT will provide six-monthly data updates until at least end -2018, thereby expanding the data set beyond the years 2011-2015 analysed by CPMI in its 2016 report on correspondent banking. In addition, the FSB is also continuing its discussions with SWIFT on the regular provision of an enhanced data set to monitor future trends. A fuller analysis, including methodological improvements currently being worked on, will be published by mid-2018, based on end-2017 data.


Link: FSB Correspondent Banking Data Report − Update.