Frontiers of climate and nature in macroeconomics and finance

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CfP Deadline Date:
August 1, 2022

Conference Event:
October 24-25, 2022

Event Location:
Paris, France

Banque de France, NGFS, sustainable macro and INSPIRE

The Banque de France, NGFS, sustainable macro and INSPIRE are organising a conference on frontiers of climate and nature in macroeconomics and finance, taking place in person in Paris on 24-25 October 2022. The conference will address the challenges posed by environmental risks and impacts for finance, monetary policy and financial supervision. We welcome submissions from scholars, especially early career researchers and advanced PhD students, working on these topics.

Environmental risks and impacts are broader than the consequences arising from climate change. Nature loss and the unsustainable extraction of renewable and non-renewable resources create risks for businesses, financial investors and the macroeconomy more broadly. Conversely, the macroeconomy and its financing create environmental impacts that erode the ecosystems needed to support economic activity.

The unequal distribution of financial and natural resources creates challenges for international finance and cooperation. The heterogeneous effects of environmental crises raise questions of environmental
inequality and the North-South divide. Central banks and supervisors have recently begun to integrate climate considerations in their supervisory and monetary policy instruments. This begs several questions:

  • How do climate-related economic risks and impacts relate to the larger category of environmental risks and impacts?
  • What policies can be used to address these risks and impacts?
  • What international and cross-border challenges emerge from implementing policies to mitigate our impact on nature and the climate?
  • How to increase international financing to close the investment gap (largest in the Global South)
    that adaptation and mitigation strategies require?
  • How can environmental-related economic risks and impacts be measured?
  • How do environmental risks and impacts influence the conduct of monetary policy?

We welcome submissions on topics including, but not limited to:

  • Biodiversity-, nature-related and environmental risks and impacts Integrating both climate change and environmental degradation into macroeconomics
  • Nature loss and financial stability
  • Environmental disclosures and metrics
  • International spillover of environmental and transition risks
  • Adaptation and mitigation measures (comparability of measures and international standard
  • Environmentally compatible financing for emerging markets

Further Information:

Travel and accommodation will be covered for PhD students and young scholars.
Send your abstract (max 250 words) by 1 August 2022. Accepted papers will be notified by the end of
August. Abstract can be uploaded here.

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