Frontier Risks, Financial Innovation and Prudential Regulation of Banks

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CfP Deadline:

December 10, 2023

Conference Event:

June 2-4, 2024

Event Location:

Gothenburg, Sweden


Olin Business School WFA Center for Finance and Accounting Research
University of Gothenburg
Kenan-Flagler Business at the University of North Carolina
Journal of Financial Intermediation


Financial stability is of paramount importance to bank regulators and other policymakers, and a topic of substantial research interest. Financial Stability is now threatened not only by traditional banking risks, but also new emerging frontier risks. We are inviting submissions of papers for a conference on this broad topic that will also be associated with a special issue of The Journal of Financial Intermediation (JFI).  The conference is being organized jointly by the Olin Business School WFA Center for Finance and Accounting Research, the University of Gothenburg, the Kenan-Flagler Business at the University of North Carolina, and the Journal of Financial Intermediation.  

Given below is a partial list of topics on which theoretical and empirical papers are welcome:  

  • Shocks to stability emanating from both familiar traditional sources (precipitous asset value declines, bankruptcies in the real sector that lead to large-scale bank loan defaults, etc.) that have been extensively studied, as well as from non-traditional sources like:  fin tech, shadow banking, crypto currencies, government fiscal policy, erosion of trust in financial institutions, national politics, geopolitical headwinds, climate change, cyber risk, pandemics and other healthcare emergencies, and societal upheavals.
  • Interactions between traditional and frontier risks and their effects on banks.
  • Role of financial innovations in helping banks and their customers deal with these risks.
  • Macroprudential and microprudential regulation tools to deal with frontier and traditional risks.


The deadline for submitting papers is December 10, 2023.  Decisions about the conference program will be made by January 30, 2024. Submissions should be made at as a PDF file, including an abstract, authors’ affiliation and contact information. At the time of submission please indicate whether you would like the paper to be considered for the JFI special issue. The submission fee to the JFI will be waived for papers in first-round review. Submitting to the conference and to the JFI as a dual submission does not preclude submitting later to the JFI if the paper is not accepted by the JFI as part of the dual submission process. Submitting to the conference does not require submitting to the JFI.  Papers that are dual submitted will go through the JFI’s normal reviewing process. Paolo Fulghieri and Anjan Thakor will be responsible for selecting papers for the conference and serve as guest co-editors for the special issue.