Diamond-Dybvig 36th Anniversary Conference

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CfP Deadline Date:

Conference Event:
March 29-30, 2019

Event Location:
Washington University in St. Louis
Keynote Speaker(s):
Nobuhiro Kiyotaki (Princeton University)
Paul Tucker (Harvard Kennedy School)
Douglas Diamond (Chicago Booth School of Business, University of Chicago)
Phillip Dybvig (Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis)

Diamond and Dybvig (1983)* has had a great influence on policy, practice, and many areas of economic research.  Initially, the paper’s main contribution was viewed as providing a rational economic justification of pre-deposit-insurance banking panics such as those in the Great Depression.  It also helped to explain why deposit insurance mostly put an end to traditional bank runs.  Furthermore, although multiple equilibrium had played an important role in game theory, multiple equilibrium was largely viewed as a defect in an economic model, and Diamond and Dybvig helped to change the profession’s view on this issue.  More recently, the model has become an important workhorse model for studying banking and liquidity, and a framework for discussing related policy issues.  The Diamond-Dybvig model is the go-to model for understanding run-like phenomena in many markets during the recent financial crisis.  The model’s simplicity has made it easy to extend to study a variety of issues in macroeconomics, economic theory, and financial markets.

Mark Taylor, Dean of the Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis, has suggested that we should hold a conference celebrating the 36th anniversary of Diamond-Dybvig, and to that end has provided funding for this conference.

The conference is hosted by the Olin Business School and will be held in Knight Hall on the Washington University in St. Louis campus on March 29 and 30, 2019.

Conference Organizers

Douglas Diamond, Merton H. Miller Distinguished Service Professor of Finance, The Chicago Booth School of Business, University of Chicago

Phillip Dybvig, Boatmen’s Bancshares Professor of Banking and Finance, Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis
To register:

Personally invited guests, please contact conference organizer, Sandy Vaughn, at svaughn@wustl.edu.

All others, please complete the registration information found on the registration page of this site.  The conference fee is $100.

*Diamond, Douglas W. and Philip H. Dybvig, 1983, Bank Runs, Deposit Insurance, and Liquidity, Journal of Political Economy 91, 401-419.

Further Information

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Diamond-Dybvig 36th Anniversary Conference