3rd CEPR ConferencePolitics, Corporations and the Common Good

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CfP Deadline Date:
June 11, 2023

Conference Event:
October 20, 2023

Event Location:
Rotterdam, Netherlands


Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR)

Keynote speaker(s):
Luigi Zingales (University of Chicago Booth School of Business)


This is the third edition of an annual conference series on the Political Economy of Finance. The series is an initiative of PolEconFin, a platform for researchers active in the political economy of finance. This edition will be dedicated to the intersection between firms’ political power, their stakeholders and society at large.

The academic programme will consist of six paper presentations with discussants, and also feature a keynote lecture by Luigi Zingales (University of Chicago Booth School of business).

The question of the purpose of firms in society is receiving renewed attention. The rise of ESG and, especially, the many challenges facing society such as climate change bring the attention of academics and policy-makers to the (political) role of firms in providing common good and shaping the political landscape around them. Developments on the political economy of finance literature are intimately related to the literature studying how stakeholders affect firm objectives and the pursuit of the common good. This edition aims to showcase studies on the political economy of finance addressing these issues of our time.

The organising committee invites submissions of theoretical and empirical papers on these issues. Topics of interest for the conference include:

  • The Politics of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Corporate Lobbying, Regulation, and the Environment
  • Political Ideology and Firm Value
  • The Political Economy of Corporate Governance
  • Political Influence, Competition, and Innovation
  • Political Institutions and Corporations
  • Corporate Power, Academic Research, and Society
  • Markets, Firms, and Money in Politics


The submission deadline is Sunday 11 June 2023 (6PM BST). There is no submission fee. The authors will be notified about the acceptance of papers in August 2023. Please see above or refer to https://poleconfin.org/conferences/ for detailed instructions about the submission procedure. If you have any difficulties registering for this event, please contact Despoina Chatzilari (dchatzilari@cepr.org) for assistance (with subject header “CEPR Conference Politics, Corporations, and the Common Good”).

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