2024 EBA Policy Research Workshop – Boundaries of Banking Regulation

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CfP Deadline:

July 5, 2024

Conference Event:

November 6-7, 2024

Event Location:

Paris France (Hybrid Event)


European Banking Authority (EBA)


The 2024 EBA Policy Research Workshop focuses on the boundaries of banking regulation. The event will discuss and explore policies that can ensure innovation in a context of competition and risk arbitrage, while ensuring financial stability.

From the perspective of financial regulation, the boundaries of banking regulation raise important
research questions about the adequacy of the present regulatory regime.

What should the perimeter be for banking regulation and supervision? What are the implications of the growing importance of non-bank financial intermediation? Is the current regulatory regime for banks a main driver flows away from banks towards the unregulated financial system? Should non-banks that offer services equivalent to lending and deposit taking be included into the bank regulatory framework? How to consider the digital changes underway to better align regulation and policies with the opportunities and challenges brought by financial innovations?

The 2024 EBA Policy Research Workshop will discuss these questions. The workshop aims to bring together economists and researchers from supervisory authorities and central banks, as well as leading academics. The organisers are inviting submissions of policy-oriented, preferably empirical, research papers. Researchers from supervisory authorities and central banks are especially encouraged to submit papers for presentation. Submissions are particularly welcome on the following topics:

  • Implications of the growing role of non-bank financial intermediaries for loan origination standards, access to finance for riskier borrowers and for the stability of credit supply over the business cycle.
  • Maturity transformation intermediated by asset management firms, including private equity and hedge funds, non-bank finance firms and the use of security markets.
  • Links between non-supervised and supervised financial entities and potential financial stability implications of failures of non-bank financial firms.
  • Importance of regulatory supervision for non-bank systemically important financial institutions (SIFIs).
  • Development of digital technologies, regulatory challenges and responses.


Interested parties should submit their draft papers and any queries to research.conferences@eba.europa.eu at the European Banking Authority.
The submission deadline is Friday, 05 July 2024.
Contributors will be notified by mid-September 2024.


2024 EBA Policy Research Workshop – Boundaries of Banking Regulation