9th SUERF/UniCredit Foundation Research Prize

CfP Deadline Date: October 31, 2021 Organizer(s): SUERF and UniCredit Foundation This call for papers invites original research – theoretical or empirical, academic or policy-oriented – which studies the interaction of COVID, government measures aiming to mitigate firm and household bankruptcies, and the development of non-performing loans; how banks have so far dealt with them;[…]

CEPR Discussion Paper – Financial Stability Policies and Bank Lending: Quasi-experimental Evidence from Federal Reserve Interventions in 1920-1921

Authors: Kilian Rieder Date: August 2021 Abstract: I exploit a single natural experiment to estimate the comparative causal effects of different financial stability policies on bank-level credit. In 1920, four Federal Reserve Banks hiked their interest rate indiscriminately to safeguard financial stability. Another four Reserve Banks employed targeted rate action aimed at over-leveraged banks instead.[…]

IMF Working Paper: IMF Programs and Financial Flows to Offshore Centers

Author(s): Shekhar Aiyar and Manasa Patnam Date: May 2021 Abstract: This paper examines whether IMF lending is associated with increases in outflows to offshore financial centers (OFCs), known for bank secrecy and asset protection, relative to other international destinations. Using quarterly data from the BIS on bilateral bank deposits, we are unable to detect any[…]