March 2019: BIS launched FRAME online repository of studies on effects of financial regulations

Frederic Boissay, Carlos Cantú, Stijn Claessens and Alan Villegas, March 5, 2019

The BIS is launching a public, online and interactive repository of studies on the effects of financial regulations, called FRAME. The purpose of this repository is to keep track of, organise, standardise and disseminate the latest findings. FRAME currently covers 83 studies and 139 quantitative impact estimates from 15 countries or groups of countries, offering a new and comprehensive perspective on what the literature has been able to document to date, and where gaps exist. We observe a high degree of heterogeneity across impact estimates, notably in terms of the effects of capital regulation on loan growth: while on average the estimated effect is that more capital leads to more lending, there are large differences across studies. A meta- analysis shows that an important driver of these differences is whether the underlying study incorporates second-round effects.

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