Debtcon4: The 4th Interdisciplinary Sovereign Debt Research and Management Conference

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CfP Deadline Date:
February 28, 2020 t.b.a.

Conference Event:
September 7-8, 2020 postponed to 2021

Event Location:
Florence, Italy

European University Institute

The objective of DebtCon4 is to discuss state-of-the-art interdisciplinary research on sovereign debt and related policy issues, and to foster interaction among academics, senior policymakers, supervisors, industry representatives and other practitioners. The conference will include both high-level roundtables, where practice, policy and research will meet, and parallel sessions, where research papers will be presented. Emerging scholars will have the opportunity to present their work in an emerging-scholars side-event.

We encourage original contributions from different disciplines by scholars and practitioners from around the globe, preferably fitting in the following four DebtCon4 topics:

  1. Debt sustainability and sovereign vulnerabilities
  2. Market volatility and emerging markets’ sovereign debt
  3. The expanding role of new creditors’ overseas lending in global finance
  4. Revising the European framework on sovereign debt and sovereign risk

Read more on the conference topics. The organising committee also welcomes original academic or policy-relevant contributions on the topics below, including country case-studies and other related ones:
• The international political economy and governance of sovereign debt
• Changing architecture of sovereign debt management
• Central banks, sovereign-banking doom loop and sovereign debt management
• Official lending: bail-outs and bail-ins
• Credibility, commitment and sovereign default
• Debt and debt-forgiveness: human rights, civil society and political conflicts
• Historical perspectives on the law and economics of sovereign bond markets
• Sovereign debt contract design and pricing (collective action clauses, contingent sovereign debt)
• When climate meets finance: use (and abuse) of green bonds

Further Information:

To submit a paper, please send an extended abstract (or a full paper) by 28 February 2020. The receipt of all proposals will be acknowledged automatically right away (do check your spam filter). Each contribution should also indicate preference for being included in a policy-academic roundtable or for being presented as a research paper. Abstracts should address one of the above topics and may not exceed 1.500 words.

The decision of including contributions for presentation at the conference will be taken by the DebtCon4 Scientific Committee and communicated to the contributing authors by 31 March 2020. Final contributions will be due by 30 June 2020.

Selected contributions will be eligible for short-video recordings organised by the Florence School of Banking and Finance.

Link CfP and Conference: DebtCon4Link