The 3rd Financial Economics Meeting (FEM-2022): New challenges post-COVID-19 related to Monetary policy, capital flows, and exchange rate frameworks

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Conference Event:
June 30 – July 1, 2022

Keynote speaker(s)

  • Mark M. Spiegel (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco)
  • Brian Lucey (Trinity Business School)

Event Location:
Paris, France

ESSCA School of Management, Paris (France),  EDC Paris Business School, Paris (France), CY Cergy Paris University, Cergy (France), and Athens University of Economics and Business, (Greece)

The 3rd Financial Economics Meeting (FEM-2022), jointly organized by the ESSCA School of Management, Paris (France),  EDC Paris Business School, Paris (France), CY Cergy Paris University, Cergy (France), and Athens University of Economics and Business, (Greece), will take place on 30 June-01 July 2022 in Paris (France).

In the last twenty years, a variety of turbulent episodes, including the internet bubble, the subprime crisis, sovereign debt, and the Coronavirus pandemic, have shaped the financial and economic system. Financial markets exhibit elevated uncertainty and complexity, which have led to several transformations in both financial and economic systems. Developments in commodities markets have yielded lessons on hedging, portfolio diversification, and pricing. The Subprime crisis and its aftermath led to novel regulatory policies, notably including Basle III. We have also witnessed innovations in governance at both macro and micro levels, and enhanced interest in ethical and sustainable standards in finance. More recently, alternative forms of money have been introduced, including Bitcoin and others, that raise new questions for financial markets, as well as challenges for financial regulators.

In line with the evolving financial and macroeconomic situation, methodologies in econometrics have developed new approaches to accommodate modeling complexity, nonlinearity, chaotic behavior, high-frequency data, big data, and networks.

We invite authors to submit proposals covering these topical issues related to the recent challenges on to macroeconomic frameworks and financial systems. Authors will be expected to participate in the conference and papers will be eligible for publication, subject to editorial review as discussed below.

Further Information:

We cordially invite academics, practitioners, and policymakers who address these issues to submit papers discussing the following topics:

  • Exchange rates, Microstructure, Noisy information, Order flow
  • Exchange rate markets, pass-through
  • Exchange rate volatility and market expectations
  • Trade channel and financial channel of the exchange rate
  • shocks to the exchange rate and capital flows
  • Inflation and inflation expectations – versus exchange rate flexibility,
  • New Keynesian open-economy model
  • Financial economics
  • Financial crises and contagion
  • Financial econometrics
  • Behavioral finance
  • Asset pricing and derivatives
  • Computational Economics
  • Stochastic Analysis and Modelling
  • Banking, Finance and Investment
  • Green Finance, Sustainability and Finance
  • Conventional versus Unconventional policy
  • Central bank transparency, Monetary policy, Sudden stops
  • Macroeconomic transmission
  • Uncertainty of macroeconomic environment
  • Current account imbalances and stabilise output
  • Capital controls, Macroprudential instruments and financial stability
  • Interest rate and inflation stability
  • Financial openness and financial development
  • Risk management & Debt issues
  • Market behavior efficiency
  • Financialization of commodities markets and macroeconomy
  • Green Finance, Sustainability and Macroeconomy

Link Conference: The 3rd Financial Economics Meeting (FEM-2022)