FSC Research Workshop 2020

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CfP Deadline Date:
June 12, 2020

Conference Event:
November 6, 2020

Event Location:
Berlin, Germany

Financial Risk and Stability Network

The Financial Stability Conference (FSC) will not be hold this year due to the uncertainty with Covid-19 developments and related measures. But we organise the FSC Research Workshop on 6 November and an additional smaller event on 4 or 5 November to discuss relevant aspects of envisaged conference topics as well as topical issues in the context of the Corona crisis.

Researchers and scholars in the EU and beyond are invited to submit policy contribution proposals on related research questions. We will review all proposals and select the most promising for drafting policy contributions, presentation and discussion at the workshop. The call for policy contributions and information on the procedures are available below.

The research workshop is an open event bringing together senior and junior scientists and researchers with experts from authorities and institutions, citizens and industry experts.
In case the Corona crisis is not over by fall the workshop will be postponed to spring 2021. Critical workshop results and proceedings shall be discussed with high-level policymakers at the FSC in fall 2021.

Further Information:

Junior and senior scientists and scholars – including PhD candidates, early stage and PhD researchers – in the disciplines of economics, law, finance, banking and political economy as well as researchers from public authorities, central banks, institutions and civil organisations are invited to signal their interest and submit policy contribution proposals to draft contributions (not academic papers) on research questions of envisaged conference topics and aspects thereof as well as topical issues in the context of the Corona crisis.

Proposals for policy contribution subjects / research ideas could address various aspects of the following four thematic clusters:

  1. Implications of the Corona crisis on financial stability and the financial system
  2. Resilience of financial institutions and crisis management frameworks in the EU
  3. ECB strategy review and the formulation of policies in the light of changing roles
  4. Climate change, the transition to a low-carbon economy and sustainable finance

Proposals may relate to a broad bundle of terms and notions as regards the above thematic clusters, and we are also open to unconventional ideas. We welcome in particular preliminary and forward looking contribution proposals discussing options and conclusions on the basis of a clear analysis and reasoning as well as personal viewpoints and opinions. We indeed appreciate own assessments and personal opinions at a draft stage to be discussed in-depth at the workshop.

Policy contribution proposals/sketches to be emailed by Friday, 12 June 2020 to: workshop@financial-stability.org

We do not expect drafted or written poliy contributions by this deadline, but a proposal with a clear subject outline of max. 1.500 words. All proposed research ideas and subject proposals will be reviewed and considered for drafting contributions, presentation at the workshop, discussion and publication. They will be reviewed by FRS with the assistance of experienced scientists.

Link CfP and Conference: FSC Research Workshop 2020