FSC Research Workshop 2019

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CfP Deadline Date:
12 June, 2019
Conference Event:
29 October, 2019

Event Location:
Berlin, Germany

FRS Financial Risk and Stability gGmbH, ESMT Berlin, Florence School of Banking and Finance

The Financial Stability Conference, 28 October in Berlin, is followed by a research workshop, 29 October, to discuss and deepen relevant aspects of the conference topics. Scientists and scholars – including early stage and PhD researchers – in the disciplines of economics, law, finance, banking and political economy as well as researchers from public authorities, central banks, institutions and civil organisations are invited to signal their interest and draft policy contributions on research questions related to the conference topics and aspects thereof.

Proposals for research ideas/sketches could address various aspects of the following conference discussion topics:

  • National banking policies and the new EU political landscape: stuck between reform ambitions and disintegration tendencies
  • Between wishful thinking and feasibility: how to remove obstacles to true competition and a common beneficial single market
  • Making resolution work: how to deal with legal loopholes, institutional implementation challenges and impediments to practice
  • Risk sharing in the EU: how to ensure common grounds on adequate instruments, institutional frameworks and appropriate procedures

Proposals may relate to a broad bundle of terms and notions as regards the conference topics, and we are open to unconventional ideas.

Further Information:

We do not expect written or even finalised contributions by this deadline, but a sketch with a clear research subject of max. 1.500 words. All proposed research ideas and sketches will be reviewed and considered for drafting contributions, presentation at the workshop, discussion and publication. They will be reviewed by FRS with the assistance of experienced scientists.

We will inform all proposers by 21 June on acceptances and the further procedure.

We ask to work out accepted research sketches and to draft the policy contributions during the summer. The policy contributions should be short and policy-oriented, and they do not have to follow any given specific scientific methodology or approach. More important are policy-relevance, comprehensibility as well as a clear and plausible structure.

Emphasis lies on conclusions, practical relevance of results, ideally policy recommendations and input to both the scientific as well as the policy debate. Derivations of empirical results and model explaining should not be the focus, we rather recommend to eschew models and equations and to focus on the outcomes and policy implications.

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