Financial frictions: Macroeconomic implications and policy options for emerging economies

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CfP Deadline Date:
November 15, 2019
Conference Event:
March 19‐20, 2020

Event Location:
Central Bank of Chile, Santiago, Chile

The Financial Stability and Development Network of Central Banks of the Research Department of the Inter‐American Development Bank (IDB) and the Central Bank of Chile

Topics for the conference include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Financial frictions and financial intermediation: role in shock transmission and amplification
  • The Global Financial Cycle and emerging countries
  • Macroprudential and capital control policies: theory and empirical evidence
  • Fear of floating, foreign reserves accumulation, and exchange rate intervention
  • Optimal policy responses to financial crises and sudden stops
  • Interactions of financial stability policies with conventional monetary policy in emerging economies
  • Spillovers and international coordination of macroprudential policies
  • Impact of macroprudential policies on financial development, investment, and growth
  • Consequences of fiscal adjustments for monetary and financial policies
  • Amplification of commodity price shocks through financial channels
  • Consequences of heterogeneity in access to credit for monetary and financial policy
  • Optimal communication strategies for financial and macro‐prudential policies
  • Model uncertainty and optimal monetary/financial policy in emerging economies

Papers  presented at the conference will undergo a standard peer review process and, if accepted, will be included in a special volume of the Journal of International Economics.

Further Information:

Please send an electronic version of the paper in PDF format to ConferenceCBC‐

A submitted paper must not be under review at another journal or at the JIE, nor can it be considered for submission if previously rejected by the JIE. Likewise, while under consideration by the conference or for the JIE special volume, a paper may not be submitted to another journal (or the JIE) until the author has been notified.

Link CfP: Financial frictions: Macroeconomic implications and policy options for emerging economies