Workshop on Financial Technology and Development

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CfP Deadline Date:
June 15, 2023

Conference Event:
September 8-9, 2023

Event Location:
Stellenbosch, South Africa

Economic Research Southern Africa (ERSA)

Keynote speaker(s):
Prof. Sean Higgins (Kellogg School of Management)


Financial technology has developed rapidly in many developing countries in the last decade. These innovations are increasing the need for research on the impact of financial technology on firms and individuals in developing countries. There are also important regulatory challenges which have critical impact on competition between suppliers and take-up by consumers, such as inter-operability of payment systems.

A two-day ERSA workshop will take place in Stellenbosch at the Devon Valley Hotel in September 2023, during which prominent academics working in the areas of Finance, Development Economics, Industrial Organization, and in other related fields will deliver presentations on topics related to:

  • Financial inclusion of households
  • Technology adoption by firms and households
  • Fintech and SME finance
  • Trade integration and cross-border payment methods
  • Interoperability of payment systems.

We welcome theoretical, empirical as well as policy-oriented submissions to discuss recent contributions in these areas. The papers presented at the workshop can be submitted to the Special Issue of Review of Network Economics “Financial Technology and Development”.

Topics of interest: Financial Technology – Technology Adoption – ICT and Banking – Household Financial Inclusion – Ecommerce – Digital Banking – Regulation and Competition Policy of the Digital Economy – Economics of Big Data – Interoperable Payment Systems – SME Finance – Cross-Border Payments – Cybersecurity – Remittance Methods


Deadline for submissions: 15th June 2023
Decision on submissions: 15th July 2023
Email for submissions:

Expenses and Funding:

No workshop fee will be charged. Economic Research South Africa (ERSA) will cover accommodation and other local expenses. We encourage international submissions, but due to limited funding, we are just able to reimburse flight expenses for participants from South Africa or other African countries up to 300 USD.

CfP Link:

Call for Papers: Workshop on Financial Technology and Development