Twentieth Jacques Polak Annual Research Conference: “Debt: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”

CfP Deadline Date: November 7-8, 2019. Conference Event: June 1, 2019, 2019 Event Location: IMF headquarters, Washington DC, USA Organizer(s): IMF Global debt has reached a new record, standing now at over 300 percent of world output. Not all debt is the same, nor is it evenly distributed across countries, regions or sectors. Debt can[…]

16th Annual Conference on Corporate Finance and Financial Intermediation

CfP Deadline Date:June 1, 2019 Conference Event: November 22-23, 2019 Event Location: Washington University in St. Louis Organizer(s): Olin Business School at Washington University and its Wells Fargo Advisors Center for Finance and Accounting Research (WFA-CFAR) The topics of interest for the conference are broad, including mergers and acquisitions, private equity, corporate control and organization,[…]

The Wharton Conference on Liquidity and Financial Fragility

CfP Deadline Date:July 1, 2019Conference Event:October 18-19 , 2019 Event Location:The University of Pennsylvania Organizer(s):Itay Goldstein, Guillermo Ordonez The conference will feature papers by leading authors on the broad topics of liquidity and financial fragility. Some themes covered in past conferences include: (1) Coordination failures, self-fulfilling beliefs, and runs. (2) Financial frictions and the macro[…]

17th Paris December Finance Meeting

CfP Deadline Date:June 4, 2019Conference Event:December 19, 2019 Event Location:Paris, Novotel Paris Les Halles Organizer(s):European Financial Data Institute (EUROFIDAI) and ESSEC Business School All researchers are invited to present in English their latest research in all areas of finance and insurance. Job market and PhD papers are welcomed.In recent years, one in five submitted papers[…]

Norges Bank and IBEFA workshop: Prepared for the next crisis? The costs and benefits of financial regulation

CfP Deadline Date:June 28, 2019Conference Event:November 11-12, 2019 Event Location:Norges Bank, Oslo, Norway Keynote Speaker(s): Eric Rosengren Organizer(s):Norges Bank and the International Banking, Economics and Finance Association (IBEFA) The global financial crisis precipitated a wave of regulatory reform to enhance the resilience of financial systems. A decade later, there is now debate about whether more,[…]

“The effect of Monetary Policy Normalization on Emerging Markets”, IFM Annual Conference

CfP Deadline Date:June 15, 2019Conference Event:December 5-6, 2019 Event Location:Bank of Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico Keynote Speaker(s): Kristin Forbes Organizer(s): Bank of Mexico and the Financial Stability and Development (FSD) Network of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) The conference will focus on all aspects and issues related to the effect of monetary policy normalization on[…]