8th Research Conference of the National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia

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CfP Deadline Date:
February 1, 2020
Conference Event:
March 30 – 31, 2020

Event Location:
Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia

National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia (NBRNM) and the European Investment Bank (EIB)

In light of the prolonged global recovery and lingering monetary policy accommodation in the advanced economies, next year’s Conference will mainly focus on discussing the impact on emerging markets and the appropriate policy mix to address the changing environment. The Conference will highlight the issue of access to finance for the private sector, given its importance for emerging economies, in an uncertain context in particular. The Conference will encompass two high-level policy-oriented panel discussions by distinguished guest speakers from international institutions, central banks and academic institutions. In addition, there will be several sessions booked for presentations of research papers. The papers submitted for the Conference should be related (but not restricted) to the following topics:

  • Prolonged global monetary expansion: a call for macro-prudential policy action?

– Prolonged monetary expansion: what is beyond?

– Effective coordination and interaction of macro-prudential and other policies

– Monetary accommodation when inflation is “missing” – do we elevate risk-taking?

– Tackling financial vulnerabilities – devising proper tools and policies

  • Global uncertainty and spillovers to real economy and financial sector

– Economic recovery in the post crisis period: main drivers and hurdles

– The impact of the uncertain global context on capital flows

– Financial stability challenges in uncertain surrounding and low interest rate environment

– Fintech industry: opportunities and challenges

  • Beyond macroeconomic stability and growth – do we need new policy mix for achieving inclusive and sustainable future?

– Economic growth and income convergence – challenges and prospects

– Financial and economic inclusion

– Fiscal consolidation, growth and income inequality – how to get it right?

– Innovation and access to finance for small and medium size enterprises as prerequisite for sustainable growth

– Financing the energy transition

Further Information:

Interested researchers should submit their papers or extended proposals (min 500 words), together with a short CV, by e-mail at ResearchConference@nbrm.mk no later than 1 February 2020.  Authors of the accepted papers will be notified no later than 21 February 2020. The conference version of the paper and the presentation are expected by 13 March and 25 March 2020 for the paper and the presentation, respectively.

Please note that the NBRNM will cover accommodation expenses for the selected speakers. The selected papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings Volume on the web site, subject to author/institution permission.

Link Conference: 8th Research Conference