5th Financial Economics Meeting (FEM-2024)

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CfP Deadline:

September 30, 2024

Conference Event:

December 16-18, 2024

Event Location:

Paris, France


EDC Paris Business School
INSEEC Grande Ecole
Athens University of Economics and Business
CY Cergy Paris University

Keynote Speaker(s):

Steven Ongena (University of Zurich & Senior Chair Swiss Finance Institute)
Rossen Valkanov (University of California, San Diego Rady School of Management)


Welcome to the 5th Financial Economics Meeting (FEM-2024), a prestigious collaboration between EDC Paris Business School, INSEEC Grande Ecole, Athens University of Economics and Business, CY Cergy Paris University. This landmark event will unfold in the heart of Paris from December 16th to 18th, 2024, gathering leading minds in the field of financial economics.

Since 2020, the world has been confronted with unprecedented economic and geopolitical turbulence. The multifaceted challenges, stemming from the health crisis, surges in inflation, the European crisis triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the ever-pressing issue of climate risk, have left an indelible mark on our economic and financial landscape. 

These periods of high uncertainty have been distinguished by their distinct origins, complex mechanisms, and, most notably, by the diverse reactions of financial markets and banking systems.

FEM-2024 stands at the forefront of these evolving dynamics, offering a vital platform for exploring the intricacies of Financial Economics & MacroeconomyInternational Finance, Financial Markets, and Banking. As the financial ecosystem navigates through an era marked by intricate challenges, the conference shines a spotlight on the innovative methodologies emerging in econometrics. These novel approaches are tailored to address the demands of modeling complexity, embracing nonlinearity, deciphering chaotic behavior, and harnessing the potential of high-frequency and big data, alongside network analyses.

We extend an open invitation to authors who are eager to contribute their insights and research on these pressing topics. The conference is an excellent platform for sharing innovative ideas that address the challenges facing capital markets and banking system in these turbulent times. Participants will have the opportunity to present their work, engage in stimulating discussions. 

We warmly welcome academics, practitioners, policymakers, and anyone passionate about the future of finance to join us. Submit your papers, share your expertise, and be part of a community that’s shaping the future of finance and economics at FEM-2024.


The conference will solicit papers in all areas of Financial Economics, International Finance, Financial
Markets and Banking.

All papers can be submitted electronically through URL:

The deadline for submission is September 30, 2024

Publication Opportunities:

European Financial Management (ABS 3*)
Special issue : Banking in the Era of Climate Risk and Sustainability

Guest Editors: Zied Ftiti, Wael Louhichi, Steven Ongena. 
Please find the call for papers : CALL FOR PAPER_EFM_FEM2024

The Financial Review (ABS 3*)

The Conference Organizing Committee will choose selected papers from those presented at the conference to be considered for publication at The Financial Review (FR). Within two months of the conference date, these papers will go through the FR’s regular blind review process. This is a “no-fault” submission option, which means that if the FR decides to review the paper and rejects it, the author(s) can submit the paper to the FR through the normal submission process. Papers submitted must not be under review at any journals.


 5th Financial Economics Meeting (FEM-2024)