2nd Conference on Sustainable Banking & Finance CSBF 2024

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CfP Deadline:

April 3, 2024 (Draft)
May 23, 2024 (Full paper)

Conference Event:

June 21, 2024

Event Location:

Naples, Italy


University of Naples


In the wake of growing environmental challenges and the imperative for sustainable practices, the 2nd Conference on Sustainable Banking & Finance aims to delve into the critical intersection of finance, environmental responsibility, and corporate governance. The urgency of addressing climate change has escalated, prompting global acknowledgment of a “sustainability emergency.” While political spheres have declared climate emergencies, there is a rising recognition among financial market participants and regulators regarding their pivotal role in mitigating global warming and safeguarding the stability of the financial sector.


  • Addressing Climate Imperatives
  • Financial Markets’ Role
  • Corporate Governance and Environmental Responsibility
  • Regulatory Frameworks
  • Interdisciplinary Perspectives
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Studies
  • Knowledge Exchange
  • Insurance companies’ role
  • Advancing Policy Development

By addressing these objectives, the conference aims to contribute significantly to the literature on environmental topics related to the functioning of financial systems and corporate governance. Together, let us advance our understanding and commitment to sustainable banking and finance, forging a path towards a resilient and environmentally conscious future.

Areas of Interests:

This conference will stimulate the discussion about the bidirectional nature of the relationship between climate change and finance. Specifically, the aim of this conference is to encouraging novel research about the following main, but non-exclusive, topics:

  • Financial system’s characteristics and carbon emissions across the globe
  • Estimating the impact of central banks investment on global warming
  • The impact of climate change on the corporate governance practices
  • Climate stress test
  • The impact of climate change on the stability of the global banking system
  • Global warning and financial institutions
  • Fintech for climate change
  • Green bonds and sustainability-linked loans
  • Climate risks and asset management
  • Climate risk, financing decisions, firm performance and innovation
  • The impact of nature-related financial risks on the performance of financial intermediaries and non-financial companies
  • Biodiversity and finance: the need to measure biodiversity
  • Measuring climate-related financial risks
  • Asset and Liability Management (ALM) linked to climate change risk
  • Understanding Sustainable Finance with Behavioral Insights: Implications for Future Strategies
  • Climate Finance and Financial Literacy: Exploring Innovative Integration Approaches


Early draft paper submission deadline: 3rd April 2024
Notification of authors of accepted papers: 27th April 2024
Conference registration: 14th May 2024
Full paper submission deadline: 23rd May 2024

The conference organizers invite submissions on the topics of the conference. We welcome papers in English in any one of the core topics. Participants will present the paper in person. We invite you to submit the final (or nearly completed) paper in electronic form (PDF format) via the form on the conference website.  


2nd Conference on Sustainable Banking & Finance CSBF 2024