NBER Working Paper: Banking-Crisis Interventions, 1257-2019

Author(s): Andrew Metrick and Paul Schmelzing Date: September 2021 Abstract: We present a new database of banking-crisis interventions since the 13th century. The database includes 1886 interventions in 20 categories across 138 countries, covering interventions during all of the crises identified in the main banking-crisis chronologies, while also cataloguing a large number of interventions outside[…]

NBER Working Paper: External Balance Sheets and the COVID-19 Crisis

Author(s): Galina Hale and Luciana Juvenal Date: September 2021 Abstract: At the onset of the COVID-19 economic crisis, as in other crisis episodes, the flight to safety was accompanied by a rapid appreciation of “safe haven” currencies. We quantify currency-induced balance sheet effects for total external positions as well as for individual asset classes using[…]

September 2021: BIS Quarterly Review – Covid-19 policy measures to support bank lending

By Catherine Casanova, Bryan Hardy and Mert Onen In the wake of the Covid-19 fallout, policymakers enacted a wide range of measures to support the flow of credit. Some measures strengthened banks’ lending capacity by preserving their capital and encouraging flexibility in loss accounting. Others, such as state-backed loan guarantees or funding for lending programmes,[…]