2020 RCFS/RAPS Winter Conference

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Atlantis, Nassau, the Bahamas Map

CfP Deadline Date:
November 18, 2019
Conference Event:
February 14-16, 2020

Event Location:
Atlantis, Nassau, the Bahamas

The Society for Financial Studies,
Review of Corporate Finance Studies (RCFS),
Review of Asset Pricing Studies (RAPS)

This will be a high-quality conference with a limited number of papers and parallel sessions for corporate finance and asset pricing. Conference sessions will be held all-day on February 15 (Saturday) and half-day on February 16 (Sunday). Our aim is to bring together a select group of top-quality researchers to present and discuss cutting-edge papers in corporate finance and asset pricing.

RCFS SESSIONS: The RCFS sessions will be arranged by the Editors (Andrew Ellul, Isil Erel, Gregor Matvos, and Uday Rajan). We welcome both empirical and theoretical papers in corporate finance. The RCFS will have a “New and Interesting Facts” session at the conference, with papers that contain one main finding or highlight a stylized fact of interest. We encourage authors to submit such papers to the conference.
We invite paper submissions in all areas of corporate finance and asset pricing.

RAPS SESSIONS: The RAPS sessions will be arranged by the Editors (Jeffrey Pontiff, Hui Chen, Thierry Foucault, and Nikolai Roussanov). All papers in asset pricing are welcome.

Further Information:
On submission, you will be asked whether you are submitting to the RCFS or to the RAPS sessions. The same paper cannot be submitted to both sessions. For more, visit http://sfs.org/rcfs-raps-conference/

The submission fee is US $50 per paper. Please submit your paper at https://www.conftool.com/rcfs-raps-winterconference-2020/. The submitted paper must not have been accepted (or conditionally accepted) at a journal.

DUAL SUBMISSION: The RCFS/RAPS Winter Conference features dual submission to The Review of Corporate Finance Studies or The Review of Asset Pricing Studies.

Link Conference: 2020 RCFS/RAPS Winter Conference