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The International Banking Library is a web-based platform for the exchange of research on cross-border banking. It provides access to data sources, academic research, both theoretical and empirical on cross-border banking, as well as information on regulatory initiatives. The International Banking Library is associated with the International Banking Research Network (IBRN), a research network of Central Banks worldwide. The International Banking Library addresses researchers, policymakers, and students of international banking and economics in search of comprehensive information on international banking issues.

At the research frontier

CEPR Discussion Paper – Money Markets and Bank Lending: Evidence from the Tiering Adoption

Author(s): Carlo Altavilla, Miguel Boucinha, Lorenzo Burlon, Mariassunta Giannetti, Julian Schumacher Date: May 2022 Abstract: Exploiting the introduction of the ECB’s tiering system for remunerating excess reserve holdings, we document the importance of the access to the money market for bank lending. We show that the two-tier system produced positive wealth effects for banks with[…]

CEPR Discussion Paper – Who Holds Sovereign Debt and Why It Matters

Author(s): Xiang Fang, Bryan Hardy, Karen K Lewis Date: May 2022 Abstract: This paper studies the impact of investor composition on the sovereign debt market. We construct an aggregate data set of sovereign debt holdings by foreign and domestic bank, non-bank private, and official investors for 95 countries over twenty years. We find that private[…]

BIS Working Paper – Banking in the shadow of Bitcoin? The institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies

Author(s): Raphael Auer, Marc Farag, Ulf Lewrick, Lovrenc Orazem and Markus Zoss Date: May 2022 Abstract: The phenomenal growth of cryptocurrencies raises important questions about their footprint on the financial system. What role are traditional financial intermediaries playing in cryptocurrency markets and what drives their engagement? Are new nodes emerging? We help answer these questions[…]

NBER Working Paper – Liquidity Traps, Prudential Policies, and International Spillovers

Author(s): Javier Bianchi and Louphou Coulibaly Date: May 2022 Abstract: This paper studies the transmission channels of monetary and macroprudential policies in an open economy framework and evaluates the normative implications for international spillovers and global welfare. An analytical decomposition uncovers the prominent role of expenditure switching for monetary policy, while macroprudential policy operates primarily[…]

CEPR Discussion Paper – State Ownership and Corporate Leverage Around the World

Author(s): Ralph De Haas, Sergei Guriev, Alexander Stepanov Date: May 2022 Abstract: Does state ownership hinder or help firms access credit? We use data on almost 4 million firms in 89 countries to study the relationship between state ownership and corporate leverage. Controlling for country-sector-year fixed effects and conventional firm-level determinants of leverage, we show[…]


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