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The International Banking Library is a web-based platform for the exchange of research on cross-border banking. It provides access to data sources, academic research, both theoretical and empirical on cross-border banking, as well as information on regulatory initiatives. The International Banking Library is associated with the International Banking Research Network (IBRN), a research network of Central Banks worldwide. The International Banking Library addresses researchers, policymakers, and students of international banking and economics in search of comprehensive information on international banking issues.

At the research frontier

Bundesbank Discussion Paper – Excess reserves and monetary policy tightening

Author(s):Daniel Fricke, Stefan Greppmair, Karol Paludkiewicz Date:February 2024 Abstract: We show that the transmission of the European Central Bank’s (ECB) recent monetary policy tightening differs across banks depending on their level of excess reserves. Specifically, the net worth of reserve-rich banks may display a boost when the interest rate paid on reserves increases strongly. Focusing[…]

CEPR Policy Insight – Containing runs on solvent banks: Prioritising recovery over resolution

Author(s):Enrico Perotti, Edoardo D. Martino Date:February 2024 Abstract: The rapid escalation in uninsured deposit runs in March 2023 prompted calls for stronger ex-ante prudential measures, such as higher capital and liquidity norms, as well as an EU proposal aimed at increasing the use of the resolution process. This Policy Insight proposes a framework prioritising bank[…]

Internal and External Capital Markets of Large Banks

Author(s):Lina Lu, Marco Macchiavelli, Jonathan Wallen Date:December 2023 Abstract: We study the internal and external capital markets of large U.S. bank holding companies. Within the bank holding company, commercial bank and dealer divisions have different investment opportunities, raise capital externally and actively share some capital internally. We develop and test a simple model where a[…]

BIS Working Paper – Global Bank Lending and Exchange rates

Author(s):Jonas Becker, Maik Schmeling, Andreas Schrimpf Date:January 2024 Abstract: We estimate the impact of banks’ cross-currency lending on exchange rates to shed light on the importance of flows as a major force affecting FX market outcomes. When non-US banks extend more loans in US dollars (USD) relative to US banks originating foreign currency-denominated loans, the[…]

CEPR Discussion Paper – Original Sin Redux: Role of Duration Risk

Author(s):Carol Bertaut, Valentina Bruno, Hyun Song Shin Date:January 2024 Abstract: We highlight the role of duration and exchange rate risks on portfolio flows by using a unique and comprehensive database of US investor flows into emerging market government bonds denominated in local currency. Borrowing long-term mitigates roll-over risk but amplifies valuation changes that further interact[…]


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