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The International Banking Library is a web-based platform for the exchange of research on cross-border banking. It provides access to data sources, academic research, both theoretical and empirical on cross-border banking, as well as information on regulatory initiatives. The International Banking Library is associated with the International Banking Research Network (IBRN), a research network of Central Banks worldwide. The International Banking Library addresses researchers, policymakers, and students of international banking and economics in search of comprehensive information on international banking issues.

At the research frontier

SSRN Working Paper: Social Networks in the Global Banking Sector

Author(s): Joel F. Houston, Jongsub Lee, and Felix Suntheim Date: October 2017 Abstract: We show that banks with shared social connections partner more often in the global syndicated loan market and that central banks in the network play dominant roles in various interbank transactions, indicating that social connections facilitate business connections. However, more centralized banks[…]

CEPR Discussion Paper: Macroprudential Policy during COVID-19: The Role of Policy Space

Author(s): Katharina Bergant and Kristin Forbes Date: October 2021 Abstract: This paper uses the initial phase of the COVID-19 pandemic to examine how macroprudential frameworks developed over the past decade performed during a period of heightened financial and economic stress. It discusses a new measure of the macroprudential stance that better captures the intensity of[…]

BoE Working Paper: Dash for dollars

Author(s): Ambrogio Cesa-Bianchi and Fernando Eguren-Martin Date: July 2021 Abstract: Within-firm variation of corporate bond spreads around the Covid-19 outbreak shows that US dollar‑denominated bonds experienced larger increases in spreads relative to non-dollar bonds, especially at short maturities. Differently, in the non-dollar sample it was the spreads of longer maturity bonds that widened more markedly.[…]

CEPR Discussion Paper: The Global Financial Cycle

Author(s): Silvia Miranda-Agrippino, Hélène Rey Date: September 2021 Abstract: We review the literature on the empirical characteristics of the global financial cycle and associated stylized facts on international capital flows, asset prices, risk aversion and liquidity in the financial system. We analyse the co-movements of global factors in asset prices and capital flows with commodity[…]

CEPR Discussion Paper: Learning in Bank Runs

Author(s): Eva Schliephake, Joel Shapiro Date: September 2021 Abstract: We examine a model in which depositor learning exacerbates bank runs. Informed depositors can quickly withdraw when the bank has low-quality assets. Uninformed depositors may decide to wait, which allows them to learn by observing informed depositors’ actions. However, learning that the bank has low-quality assets[…]


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