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The International Banking Library is a web-based platform for the exchange of research on cross-border banking. It provides access to data sources, academic research, both theoretical and empirical on cross-border banking, as well as information on regulatory initiatives. The International Banking Library is associated with the International Banking Research Network (IBRN), a research network of Central Banks worldwide. The International Banking Library addresses researchers, policymakers, and students of international banking and economics in search of comprehensive information on international banking issues.

At the research frontier

CEPR Working Paper: Out with the New, In with the Old? Bank Supervision and the Composition of Firm Investment

Author(s): Miguel Ampudia, Thorsten Beck and Alexander Popov Date: June 2021 Abstract: Using exogenous variation generated by the creation of the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM) in the euro area, we find that relative to firms borrowing from banks remaining under national supervision, firms borrowing from SSM-supervised banks reduce intangible assets and increase tangible assets and[…]

SSRN Working Paper: “Crime and Punishment?” How Russian Banks Anticipated and Dealt with Global Financial Sanctions

Author(s): Mikhail Mamonov, Steven Ongena and Anna Pestova Date: May 2021 Abstract: We study the impact of global financial sanctions on the Russian banks and economy. Financial sanctions were consecutively imposed between 2014 and 2019, allowing potentially-targeted (but not yet sanctioned) banks to adjust their international and domestic exposures. Compared to similar other banks, targeted[…]

SSRN Working Paper: The Disciplining Effect of Supervisory Scrutiny in the EU-wide Stress Test

Author(s):Christoffer Kok, Carola Müller, Steven Ongena and Cosimo Pancaro Date:June 2021 Abstract: Using a difference-in-differences approach and relying on confidential supervisory data and an unique proprietary data set available at the European Central Bank related to the 2016 EU-wide stress test, this paper presents novel empirical evidence that supervisory scrutiny associated to stress testing has[…]

SSRN Working Paper: Banking on Experience

Author(s): Hans Degryse, Sotirios Kokas and Raoul Minetti Date: June 2021 Abstract: We study the impact of different dimensions of banks’ experience on the extent of banks’ moral hazard in loan markets. Using rich U.S. corporate loan-level data, we find that banks’ prior experience with borrowers and co-lenders reinforces their monitoring incentives. Banks’ sectoral experience,[…]

NBER Working Paper: Global Banks and Systemic Debt Crises

Author(s): Juan M. Morelli, Pablo Ottonello and Diego J. Perez Date: June 2021 Abstract: We study the role of global financial intermediaries in international lending. We construct a model of the world economy, in which heterogeneous borrowers issue risky securities purchased by financial intermediaries. Aggregate shocks transmit internationally through financial intermediaries’ net worth. The strength[…]


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