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The International Banking Library is a web-based platform for the exchange of research on cross-border banking. It provides access to data sources, academic research, both theoretical and empirical on cross-border banking, as well as information on regulatory initiatives. The International Banking Library is associated with the International Banking Research Network (IBRN), a research network of Central Banks worldwide. The International Banking Library addresses researchers, policymakers, and students of international banking and economics in search of comprehensive information on international banking issues.

At the research frontier

NBER Working Paper: The Aftermath of Debt Surges

Author(s): M. Ayhan Kose, Franziska L. Ohnsorge, Carmen M. Reinhart and Kenneth S. Rogoff Date: September 2021 Abstract: Debt in emerging market and developing economies (EMDEs) is at its highest level in half a century. In about nine out of 10 EMDEs, debt is higher now than it was in 2010 and, in half of[…]

CEPR Discussion Paper: When Green Meets Green

Author(s): Hans Degryse, Roman Goncharenko, Carola Theunisz, Tamas Vadasz Date: September 2021 Abstract: We investigate whether and how the environmental consciousness (greenness for short) of firms and banks is reflected in the pricing of bank credit. Using a large international sample of syndicated loans over the period 2011-2019, we find that firms are indeed rewarded[…]

CEPR Discussion Paper: Does Political Partisanship Cross Borders? Evidence from International Capital Flows

Author(s): Elisabeth Kempf, Mancy Luo, Larissa Schaefer and Margarita Tsoutsoura Date: September 2021 Abstract: Does partisan perception shape the flow of international capital? We provide evidence from two settings, syndicated corporate loans and equity mutual funds, to show that ideological alignment with foreign governments affects the cross-border capital allocation by U.S. institutional investors. Moreover, we[…]

NBER Working Paper: A Theory of the Global Financial Cycle

Author(s): J. Scott Davis and Eric van Wincoop Date: September 2021 Abstract: We develop a theory to account for changes in prices of risky and safe assets and gross and net capital flows over the global financial cycle (GFC). The multi-country model features global risk-aversion shocks and heterogeneity of investors both within and across countries.[…]

FRS International Finance Discussion Papers: Financial Stability Governance and Central Bank Communications

Author(s): Juan M. Londono, Stijn Claessens and Ricardo Correa Date: September 2021 Abstract: We investigate how central banks’ governance frameworks influence their financial stability communication strategies and assess the effectiveness of these strategies in preventing a worsening of financial cycle conditions. We develop a simple conceptual framework of how central banks communicate about financial stability[…]


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