ECB conference on financial stability and macroprudential policy 2024

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CfP Deadline:

June 15, 2024

Conference Event:

November 20-21, 2024

Event Location:

Frankfurt am Main, Germany


European Central Bank
Journal of Financial Stability

Keynote Speaker(s):

Moritz Schularick (Kiel Institut für Weltwirtschaft)


The European Central Bank (ECB), jointly with the Journal of Financial Stability, is organising its sixth annual macroprudential policy and research conference, which will take place as a full day event on Thursday, 21 November 2024 at the ECB premises in Frankfurt am Main. This year, the conference will be organised in conjunction with a high-level policy forum marking the 20th anniversary of the ECB Financial Stability Review, taking place in the afternoon of Wednesday, 20 November 2024.

The conference aims to bring together academics, central bankers and interested market participants to present and discuss new research on financial stability and macro-finance topics of particular interest to central banks.

Over fifteen years after the global financial crisis, financial stability remains of paramount importance but its measurement, and the policy tools to address it, remain heterogenous and continue to evolve. The Covid crisis, the subsequent rise in inflation, and the global monetary policy tightening in 2022-2023 have challenged financial stability in principle, but actual threats to stability have been surprisingly limited, partly due to better capitalised banking systems and policy intervention in the areas of macroprudential, supervisory and fiscal policies.

Against this background, and connecting to the 20th anniversary of the ECB’s Financial Stability Review, we welcome empirical and theoretical contributions on the following topics:

  • What have we learnt about understanding and measuring financial stability? Which methodologies and indicators provide good early warning of financial instability?
  • How can we map identified risks to financial stability into policies? Which policies are best suited and how shall we account for interactions between different policy domains?
  • What is the optimal level of bank capital, catering for both idiosyncratic bank risks and systemic risks to financial stability while avoiding potential unintended side effects?
  • Is monetary policy a key factor for financial stability in both normal and crisis times? How does it interact with macroprudential policy, particularly in the European monetary union?
  • What are key lessons learnt for macroprudential policy? Which tools are most effective in ensuring financial system resilience and limiting procyclicality? What are the next frontiers?
  • How shall we communicate on financial stability and macroprudential policy topics?


Submissions of full papers are welcome in PDF to until 15 June 2024. Authors of accepted papers will be notified by 15 July 2024.

Selected papers presented at the conference may be published in a special issue of the Journal of Financial Stability. Authors should indicate at the time of submission whether they would like their paper to be considered for this special issue. Conference papers considered for the special issue will be sent out for a formal review process and will be published following the journal’s usual norms.


ECB conference on financial stability and macroprudential policy 2024