3rd Finance and Productivity (FINPRO): Green Deal: reformation, evolution, and revolution

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CfP Deadline Date:
February 06, 2023

Conference Event:
June 08-09, 2023

Event Location:
Italy, Rome

Keynote Speaker(s):
Professor Philippe Aghion (Insead, LSE and CEPR)

Bank of Italy, CEPR, CompNet, EBRD & IWH

Firms must transform production processes towards sustainable technologies in response to climate change and the emergence of policies aiming to curb carbon emissions. The energy shock due to the war in Ukraine renders this transformation not only important, but also urgent. All this requires large-scale investments and innovations by corporations, households and governments, which are also called to design the right policy-mix. The financial system will play a key role to channel this transition, evaluating current opportunities and future risks.

The Bank of Italy, the Centre for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR), the Competitiveness Research Network (CompNet), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Finance department at the Leibniz Institute for Economic Research (IWH), invite submissions for the 3rd FINPRO conference. In line with the mission of CompNet to act as a hub to connect researchers and (micro) data providers from both the realm of policymaking and academia, we seek to attract papers of the highest academic quality that include, but are not limited to the following topics:

  • Sustainable technologies, innovation, and productivity
  • Financial stability and green transition
  • Central bank and government policy interventions
  • Funding technology transformations: banks, markets, private investors
  • Business dynamics; closing brown- and starting green-firms
  • Energy dependence and resilience
  • Defining, rating and monitoring ESG risks
  • Incentives and constraints in a circular economy

The organizers welcome both empirical and theoretical contributions. Whereas we are particularly interested in studies that utilize CompNet data, this feature is not a requirement.


Papers should be submitted by February 6, 2023 (details below). Authors will be notified by March 6, 2023. Each paper will be assigned to a discussant selected from experts in the field.



The sponsoring institutions can cover accommodation and travel according to the CEPR guidelines for presenters and discussants. However, there is limited travel and accommodation funding available, and we would like to facilitate the participation of young researchers. We thus encourage more senior participants to use their own grants to cover costs. Please indicate in your reply whether you will be able to cover your own costs, or whether you will require funding to attend.

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3rd Finance and Productivity (FINPRO): Green Deal: reformation, evolution, and revolution